2010-09-25: The Spy who Came In from the Cold




September 25, 2010


Central Park, New York City, U.S.A.


Danika and Rurik make it official.

Danika sits, of all places, on a bench in Central Park. She unwraps the book Rurik gave her and throws the burger foil away, then completes the drawing as instructed in nice, conductive graphite. Also known as pencil. She then gets up and walks about fifty feet away from it, watching it closely. Trust much? Well. No.

It's like clockwork! Ten minutes later, a man in a grey tuxedo and crooked red tie passes by the bench and sits down. How he even got to this location within ten minutes is just staggering, what are the odds? He doesn't waste any time and picks up the pocket book, opening it up to examine it. He starts casually flipping through the pages.

Danika walks over to the man, watching him. She smiles slightly. "Do you always read any piece of paper you find in the park, or are you looking for something specific?" Danika's voice has no trace of accent today. Typical American, perhaps even a slight trace of Brooklyn. By dress, she's come from the financial district. Conservative blouse, skirt, hose, low heel, dark jacket. On some people it'd look dowdy. They don't have Danika's legs.

- It's Rurik. "It just looked especially considering. I mean, not every piece of paper will try to kill me." He pauses, turning the page as he scans it with his eyes. "Been so hectic lately, I just wanted to sit down and enjoy the nice weather here. It is nice here, in the evening." He turns the page again, he hasn't even looked up to greet Danika.

Danika nods. She looks around at all the empty space. All the trees. All the wildness, and draws her arms around herself a little, one tucking inside her jacket, one outside. Both under her still-impressive bust. "My date for the evening stood me up, so I seem to be at loose ends. Are you still in the market?"

- "In the market.." Rurik thinks for a moment while making a 'hmmm' sound. A thoughtful one at that. "Well, you do have good artistic skills." He appears to be checking out the page where you've completed the drawing of the duck. "Well…" He looks up, eyes stopping at bust for a moment, then face. "I do believe I am in the market, as you say. Instead of just offering to buy a drink like any common sleazeball, would you be interested in a meal?"

Danika smiles again. "I'm sure my stomach and my liver will both appreciate that. Do you like country French food? Steak frite, boudin aux pommes, stuff like that? I know a good place near here. They have a really nice wine list too." She actually does have a place in mind. Not that it matters a whole lot, really. It's more a matter of feeling Rurik out.

- "It's not incredibly important that you know what I want. What's important is what you want." Rurik smiles, "After all. I'm treating you to this. You know a good place, then let's go there. It's sounds pleasant." He folds up the pocket book and slips it into his jacket. His clothes look oddly crumpled, maybe for various reasons.

Danika shrugs her purse a little higher on her shoulder. "So dinner. Then, I think, it's probably time for me to meet your friends. So perhaps your office?" she says. She's not one to waste time, is Danika. She can't afford to. With the loss of that million dollar contract, she's had to delay certain orders to certain medical companies, and that means touching her backup supply. Inevitably now. These things she orders aren't exactly off the shelf. But for now, things are functional. She feels functional. Good, might even be in order. The wolf within her opens an eye and mumbles something about 'be careful when you feel good. That's when everything falls apart.' She walks with Rurik to catch a cab to the restaurant.

- "My office, yes." He chuckles, offering his arm to Danika before walking her to the cab. Even if she doesn't take it. He even offers to open the door to the cab both before and after the cab ride. "So you have been with this profession for a long time." Rurik says, getting a head start on this adventure of getting to know each other.

Danika takes the arm as ladylike as you please and lets Rurik get the door for her as well. "All my life. Literally. I was conceived for this work." She shrugs and smiles. "It has, at least, made it easy to focus on what I'm good at." She watches Rurik's reaction to that. Some people tend to think she's not… quite human when they get the full story. It will tell her, perhaps, how much he really knows.

- Rurik smiles, indeed getting the door for her before heading in himself. "Like a wolf in sheep's clothing, if you'd pardon the overused metaphor." His Russian accent is varying in levels of thickness, but it's not unusual how he rolls the words out, he's become fluent in the language. He stops to talk to the waiter, getting a table for four. He does so because the restaurant isn't packed right now and the waiter allows it.

Danika smiles, her eyes closing partway. "You could put it that way. You wouldn't be the first." Heavens no. She takes her seat and sets her purse down on the floor next to her. "So what about you? How long have you been in the business?"

- The gentleman chuckles again, "For a while, my dear." He straightens his tie, slightly, feeling a bit .. uneasy due to the condition of his clothing, maybe. "You have lovely blue eyes." He comes out from the shadows with this complement, "They're deep, some would even say eyes are a portal into one's own soul. If such a thing is true, then from the glimpse into the portals of your eyes, your soul is of transcendent beauty."

Danika quirks an eyebrow and laughs. "A poet. In our business, no less. Are you a silver tongued devil, or are you truly that untouched by the kind of work we do?" If he wants to believe her soul is of transcendent beauty, she's not going to dissuade him. It does make her curious, though. How much of a read from her he's really getting. And if he's getting an accurate read - or he's read her dossier as thoroughly as she thinks - what he considers beautiful. She orders the escargot when the waiter comes back. Snails. Yum.

- "I like to read." Rurik replies, grinning. He instead orders a small basket of breadstick, they're free of course, but breadsticks are delicious. "I am — different from the others, as you may see. More than just a skillful manipulator, I'm sure I'd have dozens of men willing to be here instead of me. However, I would miss the chance to be in your vicinity, and I would be just devastated."

Danika laughs softly. She takes a breadstick. "So a man who enjoys the company of wolves, so to speak, seems likely to have something in mind for one to do, if he's read her dossier as thoroughly as you seem to have. You know what my speciality is. How much use do you really have for it?

- "Experiences speaks volumes for us all, love. Sins and all." He also takes a bread stick, using a knife to cut it down the center before preparing some butter to spread on the inside. "I'm sure you'll betray me when you find a younger, prettier man." He seems to be avoiding the issue, there's something unusual about him. He's never once mentioned anything about his past, either. Maybe he doesn't even have an agency. He takes a bite into the breadstick.

Danika shakes her head slightly. "My loyalty, once bought, stays bought, so long as the terms of sale continue to be honored. Which is why I'm very, very careful about those terms. And men much prettier than you… tend not to be interested in girls.

- "I don't know about that." Rurik says, putting his breadstick down before leaning back in his seat. Yes. Delicious, delicious bread. "You may find that your position at my 'company' is eccentric, but the core of the matter is; I need a second in command." And from all the mooks in his company, he couldn't just hire one of those? It's not like the original people that helped him found this organization have left, they're just doing other things at other places that aren't managerial. "That doesn't just mean you're my errand girl, it means I need someone to watch my back."

He takes his water to sip at it before saying, "It also means you'll be the only one capable of stabbing me in the back."
Danika quirks an eyebrow. "A manager and body guard then? Interesting." She considers it. "We would certainly need to discuss the business in more depth. The body guard angle is certainly acceptable. We discussed, shall we say, softer duties. Will that be involved?

- Rurik quirks for a second and actually looks a bit annoyed. He puts his glass down gently. "What you do with your personal time is your decision, not mine." It's possible he completely misinterpreted what she said, which would be a comical affair, but it seems he dislikes the idea of controlling people to that extent, despite it being the usual corruption veins in such an organization. Especially a criminal organization.

Danika contemplates that while she chews on her breadstick. No, that is exactly what she was talking about. "There is something to be said for knowing one's place in an organization." she says, softly. "Something very secure, actually." That pesky choice thing. How do normal people deal with it? Good grief.

- "I have some experience in the house of wolves. I know the alienation at the core of it, but that's nothing you're trained to feel in a usual situation. My goal here isn't to deprogram you but if you find personal choice an obstacle, you are welcome to stay with me to observe my habits to adapt to the environment and develop a persona to integrate into the company." He almost mirrors her, taking a breakstick to nibble on, "Or maybe it's a mind-game to bring out the confidence in your personality."

Danika points her breadstick at Rurik rather firmly. "Mind games are one thing I'd rather we agreed not to play. As I've said, my loyalty, once bought, stays bought. There's a cutting edge to that, however. I do not take betrayal by those I serve lightly." She bites the breadstick. "If you wish to play mindgames, you'll find me too volatile for your taste, I think."

- "I like a woman who knows her boundaries." Rurik smirks again, also taking a bite out of his breadstick. He waits to chew before going on to say, "If you're interested, the position is open to you. I have already set forth the requisition for your medicine. I think I know your answer." He doesn't even wait for a reply before standing, at some point slipping a hand into his jacket to lay a hundred on the table. "Get something nice to eat and join me at the winery warehouse on St Bury's Drive West of New York. Use the front door, please." He neglects to say the urgent business that's come up, that entails a health problem for himself. Why would he show such a weakness, though?

Danika looks at the money, then back at Rurik. "All women know their boundaries. Some are better at making them clear than others. You're sure you don't require my services already." she says. Did she mean the body guard ones, or the 'other duties as assigned' ones that she's so willing to sell, but perhaps not to give away lightly.

- "I am sorry." He leans on the table a bit heavily, perhaps. "I would not rush away from a woman so beautiful under normal circumstances but perhaps another time. Urgent matters have arisen. I will see you tonight." Thus he turns and begins moving for the door with a slight limp in his gait.