2010-09-15: The Deal is Made




September 15, 2010


Lincoln Park — Colorado, USA


“A bargain is in its very essence a hostile transaction do not all men try to abate the price of all they buy? I contend that a bargain even between brethren is a declaration of war.” — Lord Byron

24 Hours Ago

A fugitive in an unfamiliar country, dressed in clothes stolen from a dead body, Vasha's flight from the federal penitentiary is a dangerous gamble. She knows only two people, one she's certain will turn her over, the other? A guard who is clearly not who or what he says he is. Corbett Jones.

With only that name to go on, she scours the white page listings for any addresses or information regarding the guard. Luckily, there are only three C. Joneses in the phone book.

The first is clearly not the one she's looking for, Christine, a single mother of two children living in a trailer outside of a small town. The second, was possible until she spots him ambling from his small ranch house well within city limits to his car. Too fat, too ugly.

The third leads to a small apartment, single room, with no air conditioning. It's like an oven in there. After breaking in, she helps herself to a cool shower, using his shampoo and while she dries off, she begins her search.

Passport, extra ID badge, and a credit card all lead to one thing. The guard in her room was not Corbett Jones. If he wasn't… who is he?

Two Hours Ago

The apartment has been deserted for weeks, this much is obvious by the moldy food in the refrigerator and the layers of dust all over everything. Nothing has been touched. Though she's at a loss, she has no way of finding who is masquerading as the corrections officer. Until she finds one bit of information, a cell phone number. it's a gamble, but with nothing to lose, she finds a payphone and makes a call.

Ring ring

"Chance Elliot. Evasive Enterprises. Let me help you make a run for your money."

Yes, that's how Chance answers the phone. Wherever the hell he is, he doesn't seem to be too worried about anything. He's actually kicked back on the side of some pool. There's a few women, bikini clad, splishing and splashing in the giant pool, whilst he answers the phone.

Another bikini clad female switches out his empty glass for another refill. Complete with umbrella and straw. Num.

"I am looking for Corbett Jones," The voice on the other end of the line announces. The accent is clearly South African, smooth and distinctive. "He had a business proposal for me that I wish to accept."

In the apartment, Vasha is sifting through what little clothing Corbett has, trying to find something that might fit. Being male, he's obviously of different proportions, but beggars can't be choosers. A pair of cargo shorts, a few t-shirts, and some socks are all she can find that suit her purpose. Pair it with one of the many ballcaps in his closet, and she should be somewhat inconspicuous.

"Well, well! Freddy! How's things?"

Chance immediately cracks a big ol' smile at the sound of the voice on the other end. It happens to be very recognizable. "I'm pretty much the closest thing you're going to have to talking to Mr. Jones. So why don't you take down the address I'm about to give you and I'll make sure he's there waiting for you." Siiiiiiip.

The woman remains silent as the address is rattled off. She writes it down carefully on one of the many pages of the phone book. She then tears the sheet and the few under it off to place in one of the many pockets of the shorts she's wearing. Without saying goodbye, she hangs up the payphone and makes her way toward the desired location.


It's a coffee shop, an over priced coffee shop. Unfortunately Vasha doesn't have much money. A few coins that she scrounged up from the couch cushions, enough for bus fare with a tiny bit left over. It's not a good day.

Her hair is tucked tightly under the ball cap, with only enough of it loose to give her the appearance of a shaggy boy. The baggy clothing is enough to hide her figure, hopefully the disguise, as horrible as it is, is enough to keep anyone from recognizing her. Already she's seen more than enough of her likeness on too many televisions. There's a manhunt going on and it won't be long until they find her.

"So that's how I was supposed to dress? Dear God."

That would be Parker's voice happening right about now as he seems to just come out of nowhere. He's completely and utterly in control of this entire situation, not to mention that he's holding two steaming cups of deliciousness.

He doesn't look like the former guard anymore. Well, he does look as hot as always, but the suit that he's wearing clashes with the previous notion of wearing a uniform and carrying a taser. "You look like you just stepped out of a bad music video. Here." And one of the cups are offered before he turns to head back towards his 'usual booth' in the back.

Liberating the cup of coffee from Corbett's hand, Vasha follows along behind him to the booth, eying the other customers without trying to attract notice. Sliding into the booth, she pulls the cap down a little more over her eyes and lets loose a long sigh. "I did not have anything else to wear aside from some blood stained clothing I peeled off a corpse." It's said low enough so that only he can hear.

Still keeping her eyes averted from anyone else, Vasha swallows her pride and the bit of bile in her throat that comes along with it. "I require a favor. I need to leave the country. Unfortunately, I have no identification and it seems my face is all over the news. What sort of experience do you have in this area?"

"Okay, first of all? TMI." Parker doesn't seem to enjoy having to deal with the talk of corpses and things like that. He's all about trying to keep things from falling into the more violent areas. "But as per your request, I've already taken the liberty of handling a couple of things." He sips from his coffee again, while kicking over a duffel bag that's already under the table. "Something more comfortable to wear is where I'd begin." Yes, he has brought her some clothes. He's that nice.

"That's a pretty big favor, though, Freddy." Yeah, he's going to have to keep calling her that until he can figure out how to not get them shot at by police. "I can make you disappear. I can make you someone else. I can do pretty much anything you need… but the question is…." Grin. "What are you gonna' do for me?"

Feeling the bag with her foot, Vasha then reaches down and tugs it up beside her by the handle. Inside the duffel there is clothing, her size, and rather revealing. Lifting up the chemise, Vasha raises her head and stares the man in the eyes for a long while before breathing a long sigh and hugging the bag to her torso.

"I have no money and no prospects in this country. What is it that you wish to gain from… an arrangement?" Her voice turns rather silky at that point and though she's in no shape for it, she is trying her best to be somewhat flirtatious. It never hurts to try. "I have skills that could be useful to you, many of them."

"Sex is definitely on the table. I've got no issues with that. But I never use that as a bargaining chip. It only gets in the way of more important things like money." Parker flashes a big ol' grin, as if to accept whatever flirtatious offers are being thrown his way. "You're a big fish, Freddy. I know things. I asked around and now I know more things." A casual shrug follows Parker's leaning back against the desk. "I do this for you and you come whenever I call. Whenever I need you, you find a way and you be there. I don't care how you do it, but you do it. If you want this all to go away, I'm your man." The genuine sincerity in his voice has him sounding like he runs the world. And maybe, to him, he does.

Narrowing her eyes at him, Vasha chews on the inside of her cheek for a little while. She leans back in her seat, slouching enough to stretch her long legs right across to the other side of the booth. "For how long will I be beholden to you? I will not agree to my lifetime and there are a number of countries that I cannot travel in." She glances around and purses her lips, giving him a pointed look. "America, obviously."

Until her name is cleared, somehow.

"Parts of Asia, and a few European countries that I have had some rather unfortunate exposure." The fact that sex is on the table? That isn't touched. She's been in prison for a month now and it's possible she might have a headache for the rest of the year.

"Whoa. Slow down there, Cupcake. I'm not looking for any kind of lifetime commitment. Sheesh, that sounds almost as bad as marriage." Parker chuckles and shakes his head. "No, seriously, I figure maybe I'll need a couple favors here and there, at some point. And having the phone number of someone like you? Well, let's just say that I'd feel a lot safer at night."

Parker leans in. "I know people. Shit, I /am/ people. I can get you cleared here, that's not a problem. Might take some time, but I can do that." Shrug. "The most important thing to remember right now is that without me? You're pretty much fucked. You know this. I know this. And I'm pretty sure there's a city full of federal agents that are out there, right now, trying to find you so /they/ can fuck you." Blunt works sometimes.

"So. Do we have a deal or not?"

The woman simply nods and holds out one hand to him. Perhaps it's the month in prison that can be attributed to it, but her hand is quite soft and free of any callous. "A few favors is something I can do for you. If you clear my name, I will owe you a few more. If you continue to scratch my back… I will continue to scratch yours." The woman can be reasonable under many circumstances. Make a promise like clearing her name? It's like flashing a handful of diamonds at her and becoming the man of her dreams.

"We have a deal, Mister Jones. Now where would you like to go to finalize the details?"

"Please. Corbett Jones is dead. I'm Parker. Parker Lewis." The conman's hand is extended to shake the female's. Even if she doesn't look like much one at the moment. Okay, well, the shorts are still pretty hot on her. But whatever. "Come on. We'll go to one my places. I'll help you get out of those clothes." Wink.