2010-08-30: Taking Victory




August 30, 2010




FBI and CIA liaise to take down Victory Ames.

The undisclosed location that the FBI and CIA have chosen this liaise meeting is a rather white looking room. It was nearly impossible to get here though, a bunker under the earth, buried under layers and layers of dirt. The room itself reflects light up and down and back and forth. The white floors gleam while the walls shine in an almost irridescent way, making the definition of the room disappear into a wall of nearly blinding white.

The only definition comes in the form of a long booardroom table — grainy dark wood that shines. Around the table are various captain looking chairs, black leather, and formal enough for anyone to sit. On one wall rests a screen with a picture of the mark in question: Victory Ames.

At the head of the table sits CIA Director Baker. His fingers knit together as his hands rest in front of him on the table. The black suit and red tie add to his rather harsh appearance (partially thanks to his bald head). His lips frown into an angry line as his eyebrows knit together. "So. The goal is to catch Ames — better dead than alive. Each of you in here has something to contribute to the project…"

Danika sits in the room, still in those jeans, still in that slightly-too-short top with the skanky tattoo on her belly. To this, she's added a baseball cap and mirror shades, along with the cowgirl boots. She sets her big, white purse on the floor next to her and sprawls in her chair comfortably. "Any other changes you wanted t'make on the mission profile 'fore we get started?" She looks at Baker mildly. "Thing is, she knows me. We worked together on a job once. So off the top, I'm gonna need you to activate an old ID I used about 12 years ago. Figure out what she's been doin' with her time these last twelve years, an' work up the paperwork an' the whole dossier. She don' know me by my real name, obviously, so I'll need that old identity.

At the far end of the room is a young woman, blonde choppy hair and wearing clothing that really doesn't suit a meeting of this much importance. She's chewing on a wad of pink bubblegum. She's chewing very obnoxiously on a wad of pink bubble gum. Blow, pop, snap, blow, //pop, snap, the pattern repeats over and over. It doesn't really matter who is talking, she's sitting there blowing bubbles, picking at her fingernails, and shuffling her booted feet against the carpet.

To imply that she's disrespectful might be the understatement of the century.

When Danika makes her request for information, the young woman slowly stands and makes her way to the front of the room. Blow, pop, snap. She turns and gives a flirtaceous wink to Jeremy, a man she met a few years ago in an airport, albeit briefly… "Okay, first things first… pictures." She turns and pulls down a white screen and pulls a tiny cell phone from her bra.

Sliding a little piece to the side, she points it at the screen, projecting several images of Victory Ames, at an airport. "Here she is in Hungary… more Hungary… eating a slice of pizza… in Hungary…" She turns and looks at the room with a smile before blowing another bubble and popping it. "Any questions?"

"Gah! Do you always chew gum?" the dark haired man's irritation is hardly a secret as he leans forward in his seat. "I remember that day back at the airport. December 23, 2007 — O'Hare. I was arguing with an airline attendant about getting my computer onboard and you were popping gum. Not chewing. Popping."

Despite his words, Jeremy's cheeks flush distinctly at the flirtatious wink and he finds himself straightening in the seat. He cranes his neck further, as if trying to grow there in his seat, amplifying his dignity and helping him forget the flush in his cheek. Only his cheeks flush further as she grabs her cell phone from her bra. The bra. That thing has touched BREASTS! "What kind of lens did you use?" Oh dear. "Or was the tech open to reinterpretation? You don't want to have any kind of fault with the tech itself lest you look in the wrong location for Agent Ames. I mean honestly you don't want to go up to so random woman all," he raises his arms in what is likely supposed to be an intimidating thug way, complete with a Westside gang sign, "'Yo yo yo — bitchez! We gonna take you in yo! Oh wait… you're not Victory Ames… oops we just violated twenty-nine international privacy laws…." Beat. "FAIL." He nods with satisfaction, convinced that he's nailed his impression of Friday to a T.

Baker's eyebrows knit tighter together. "That was…" he lifts a hand and chooses to move on, instead choosing to pay attention to Danika. "Choose the most accurate portrayal and the one you can slip into the easiest. Your resources are ours. Jeremy here — " he glances at the tech geek before clearing his throat " — is one of our most promising tech contractors. He's technically independent…" and it's obvious why, the kid is insane. "But Cross is right. Ames is likely in Hungary. In most of the photos she's assumed a different alias making facial recognition software hard to utilize on her…"

Danika watches Jeremy and Friday's antics and folds her sunglasses slowly, contemplating the two of them. Her voice is languid still. "I see professionalism has taken a big step downward in American intelligence since I've been away." she drawls. "Do we know why she's in Hungary? And also, is she using identities she got here or rolling her own?" What is it about intelligence in America that attracts the wierdos? She muses.

Raising an eyebrow to Danika, "Lissen grandma… I'm not intelligence, I get paid for deliveries." Turning back to the screen, she clicks through a few different pictures of herself in various poses in the airplane bathroom. "Ignore those… they're for MySapce…" Until she finally gets a few of a small village. "This is where she was tailed to, a little village in the Karpatok (that's Carpathian to you anglos) mountains named Gonc."

She turns toward the room and puts away her camera, "She was lost in that region by the man who was tailing her, I wasn't able to get much more than that from any of my other sources." Moving around the large table and back to her seat, she pulls up a soft leather satchel and tosses it up on the table. A few paper copies of the photos from her phone spill out and she passes them toward the middle of the table.

Jeremy glances between Danika and Friday. Girls. So strange. His eyes roll as he balances a pencil between two of his fingers and then glances at the pair once more before turning to Baker, "We're hoping to find a way to track her and we're currently working on that. It would require us to implant her with a tracking device which is where you spy-like-types come in." His lips curl into a goofy smile, "It wouldn't take much. Just make sure she doesn't recognize you and like kill you and steal your ear which folks I find Tres creepy. I mean seriously?! Why an ear? Ears are gross to begin with — imagine if the mark hadn't cleaned their ears recently…" he shudders with disgust. "But it would be a small device you could implant in her purse. Women still carry purses right?"

Baker shakes his head, "As it stands we have no idea why she's in Hungary. But she has assumed at least one of her former aliases: Julia Thorne." He pauses before adding. "It should be noted that Ames doesn't seem in her right mind. She didn't recognize a former colleague… or, at least, he was pretty convinced she didn't recognize him. She wasn't even up to their usual verbal spar…"

Danika rubs the bridge of her nose. "Tracking her with a planted device doesn't buy us anything, now does it? If we don't already know where she is. Do you have satellite recon of the area she was last seen in? As it happens y'all have found someplace I never worked.

Reclining back into her chair, Friday doesn't add anything more to the conversation between the agents. Nor does she snap and pop her gum. Rather, she pulls it from her mouth and subtly sticks it under the table. When Danika makes her various requests about satellites and locations, the woman simply raises her eyebrows and remains quiet for the moment, allowing the director to have his piece before jumping in with any additional insight.

"Well we can get satellite recon. But she seems to have a system. Most Fridays she hits the local airport from the surveillance we've got already," Baker explains with a raise of his eyebrows and a widening of his eyes. His palms are then placed on the surface of the table, perspiration developing underneath them. "Jeremy has several devices to help track Ames. He will be triangulating satellite footage we already have to acquire more of her patterns of positions."

Danika nods. "A mass influx of Americans into Hungary is going to draw official attention, if not hers. How many agents are we actually planning to put on the ground?" Dani looks around at the others and quietly prays to whatever gods still listen to her that these aren't operational personell in this." She flips through the pictures, looking at the commonalities between them, peeling away the disguises as best she can. Victory is, after all, more like her than not. They operate in the same world. Use the same tools. Hunter killer operations always make Danika uneasy. To kill another wolf…

"Right now I have a few American agents and a handful from other countries ready to go," Baker states as he pushes his hands on the table, allowing himself to rise from his seat. "We need to move on this if we're going to avoid more death." He glances around the room before stipulating, "Make sure you watch your own backs if you were associates of Ames. She has wiles and aliases and she's been pursuing her former associates." He hmmms quietly.

Danika smiles slightly. "I know. And if y'all do as I asked and reactivate the identity I mentioned… she might just come to me. I'll need a tranq gun if you don't want her dead." Danika takes a long breath. This could work this way. Maybe. Of course, live bait is never quite fun either. But it does let her prepare the scene.

"Jeremy? Make it so," Baker responds towards Danika's request. "In the meantime, if you need anything couriered, please use Friday Cross." That said, he pushes away from the table. "I call this meeting adjourned. We'll get you connected with your handlers and we can take it from there," he states towards Danika before turning and heading for the door.