Location Colorado
Number of Prisoners 145
Number of Guards 70
Number of Gangs 5 Recognized
Size of Prison 30,000 Square Feet


General Info!

Supermax is a maximum security prison located within Colorado. Within it are the most dangerous international criminals the US has the privilege of holding. Among them are a number of warring gangs, factions, and general thugs. The majority of the inmates are male as it is a prison for men, but some the most dangerous female prisoners are held here as well.

Current Prisoners Include:

  • Vasha Kruger
  • Cartwright Jones
  • Jorge Thibolt-Garcia
  • Donatello "Moby" Mancini
  • Aedan Corbett
  • Joseph Lakwena


  • All Supermax scenes will transpire in the Test Station just off the welcome room. In this way approval isn't necessary to enjoy some RP and test out our theme and our world.
  • You are able to make a permanent Supermax character if you desire, or you can just NPC some of ours.
  • Leaders are controlled by staff (or by apps) — unless otherwise stipulated.