2010-09-04: Spot Inspection




September 4, 2010


Supermax — Colorado


“On close inspection, this device turned out to be a funereal juke box - the result of mixing Lloyd's of London with the principle of the chewing gum dispenser.” — Cecil Beaton

Corbett Jones. On the Job. Again. He still has a bit of a limp, not to mention a pain in his side. But that's about all that is really unique about this guard in conjunction with the other guards. Currently, his ears have been hearing things through the grapevine and now he's going to have to see if he can't get some more inside scoop. Coming to a stop in his guarding in front of one of the more dangerous doors, Corbett smirks and swings his key up to the lock and proceeds to unlock the door without any sense of caring about what may or may not be decent on the other side of the door. His taser is in hand. Just in case.

Vasha is as she always is. Sitting at the little desk in her cell, reading. It's all she's allowed to do anymore, soft covers only, just in case. The first warning that someone might be coming into her cell, she pulls the coveralls up over her shoulders and buttons the jumpsuit up over her undershirt. The clothes aren't flattering, the shampoo isn't good, the conditioner doesn't exist, but not once has the South African woman complained.

The guard is regarded with a lazy sweep of her hazel eyes and she purses her lips. Raising her hands in surrender motion she looks up at the ceiling and waits for her inevitable orders.

Corbett keeps the taser handy, but makes sure to close the door behind him. He leans back against it and just kind of tilts his head at the prisoner. "At ease, Soldierette." comes from his lips, before he lowers his taser-wielding hand. "Spot inspection, that's all. Want to make sure you're not trying to tunnel out of here with a spoon or anything." With the smirk still firmly implanted on his face, Corbett awaits some sort of response, studying her to make sure she's not about to try and pounce him to use him for escaping purposes. Just slightly paranoid.

The woman's arms swing down to her sides and she rests them behind her back, standing in a military at ease position. It's not quite militaristic though, there's the angled lol of her head and the bored expression on her face and the tapping of one of her bare feet against the concrete floor that sets it apart. "I am relying on other means of escape," she says simply, the smirk on her face a little telling.

"Tell me," she pauses to leans over in order to check his ID. "Mister Jones, tell me, why is it that you are so afraid?" Her tone isn't menacing at all, in fact it has a pleasant lilt to it.

"I'll bet you are." comes from the guard as he moves to give a gander around the room. It's a very non-professional gander, as he just kind of glimpses here and there. It's almost as if he's sweeping for something else. Like… bugs. Shrugging, though, Corbett does feel it necessary to answer her question. He is, after all, intruding onto her space. "Afraid? Hardly." Corbett's tone suggests this, regardless of his paranoia. "But, considering I'm the new guy around here, I don't want you or any of these other freaks thinking they can get the drop on me. I've been tasering people since I was fifteen…"

One eyebrow is raised into a high peak as she eyes the guard in front of her, a tiny smile playing on her lips before she puckers them to hide her amusement. "Really, my my, you are quite the dangerous one then." Turning her head toward the seat at the desk, she darts her eyes toward him again and motions to it. "May I? Perhaps you will be more at ease if I am seated rather than standing."

"Depends on what you're hiding at the desk." Corbett says, as if he knows all about whatever may be stashed in that particular section of the room. However, he doesn't stop her from heading that way or anything. He's still trying to make sure everything in this cell is on the up and up. "Though, if it has anything to do with the word Playgirl… I refuse to confiscate that on account of it being capable of making me nauseuous."

With a small shake of her head, Vasha drops down to the seat and places her hands on her knees. She studies him for a few moments, narrowing her eyes a little at his 'sweep' of the room. "You already looked over there." She comments as he passes over a spot he's already been twice before.

A deep breath is taken as she purses her lips and gives him a rather hardened stare. "Tell me what you are really doing in my cell? If it is to… coerce… me into sexual favors, I will break your neck while taking the jolt of a taser. It will not be the first time."

Smirking himself, Corbett finally leans back against the wall, near the door and just puts the taser back onto his hip. "As much as I'd love a sexual favor or seven right about now, I'm here on business." Corbett reaches up to move his hat so that he can run a hand through his hair. "Let's just say that a friend of a friend of mine needs me to do some things for him and they may or may not involve you." Corbett's eyes search for Vasha's at this point, since he doesn't really look like a guard too much more with the sly smirk on his face.

His answer earns a twist in herchair to face him and an expression of great interest. "Business… " At this point she becomes rather guarded and narrows her eyes at him. Her expression hardens and her teeth clench together as she studies him even further. "Tell me," her tone, though smooth, has taken a harder edge to it. "What sort of business is it that may or may not involve me and does it include me being shipped back to my country in a body bag?"

Her entire body tenses aggressively, ready to strike out at him should that taser move even the slightest.

"That's one way of putting it." Corbett says, but he holds up his hands to show that he's not going for any tasers or anything else. He's more focused on the fact that he's being watched like a hawk. He can practically smell her potential for greatness. "I can't really give you the details due to client/con-fedentiality, but I can say that if I wouldn't be getting too comfortable in here. Mistakes have a habit of happening whenever I'm around." Corbett offers a 'knowing' grin. "It sucks being the new guy, huh?"

Relaxing a little at the fact that he doesn't have the taser handy, Vasha takes a deep breath inward and lets it loose slowly. It has a rather calming effect on her and she nods once, not completely understanding what the conman's drift is but savvy enough to at least listen. "Very well, then I will ask but one question. What profit does your client receive by me … not getting too comfortable?" Raising one of her hands, she sweeps her hair out of the way and draws the length of it down over one shoulder.

"Things would run a lot smoother for them if you weren't stuck here on a permanent vacation, I guess." Corbett shrugs. Since he's not exactly sure what his client wants with the baddest chick in the land, honestly. But he's not about to wager any more guesses than what could be obvious. Can't have himself being caught up in the middle of something, now can he? "I'd also like to add, for the record, that I'm doing this out of the kindness of my heart. Because A) My client has always been good to me in the past. And B) You're much too pretty to be on lockdown."

"I see," Vasha intones slowly. Her eyes drop from Parker and she nods once in understanding and perhaps even agreement. His compliment is met with a smirk and she slides around on her chair to pick up her book again. It's seems to be a book about law, and she's leafing through it quite slowly. Without a highlighter or pencil to mark stops, she's been left with no alternative but to memorize. Thus, she's kept that one out much longer than necessary.

"Still workin' out the kinks. But I'll brief you next spot inspection." Corbett says, pulling on the door to get it nice and open again, clearly ready to take his leave. "And next time, you better have this place the way it's supposed to be." He slips out like the weasel that he is, ready to slam the door behind him, falling right back into character as soon as humanly possible. "And brush ya' teeth!"