No child characters

  • Minimum age of 21

No Aliens or Superpowers

  • Period.


  • Deal with the consequences of your actions
  • If you go rogue, expect consequences.

Femme Fatales

  • Will be heavily scrutinized.

No insane characters

  • Mental disorders are sometimes necessary but if you need to be in a straight jacket you shouldn't be on the grid as a played character.


  • Remember, this is a realistic game. No lockpicking-gunslinging-computer hacking-concert pianist super experts. Pick a specialty and stick with it.
  • No skills that are slimly justified. If you're an expert marksman, put in your background that you're ex-military, received some special FBI training, or at least were the captain of your JROTC rifle squad. If you're an expert hacker, we want to read about you spending every summer with your kooky technofreak uncle.