Not only do we encourage players to run their own plots, we demand it. This game exists so that you can exercise your creativity. Do it!

That being said, here are a few guidelines:

  • Action is good. We like fistfights. We like bullets. We like explosions. If you want to kill or blow up something or someone important, we ask you to run it by staff first. We might have plans for the President or the Pentagon.
  • WMDs are kind of cool. If you want to use them in plots, though, talk to staff.
  • Changes in political allegiance/alliance of nations will be handled by staff to avoid confusion on the grid.
  • Use courtesy and common sense. Creativity is no excuse for being rude or presumptuous. Don't try and drag a group of insurgents into a conflict without the OOC permission of their leader.
  • Other than that, plot early and plot often.