Parker Lewis


Type Issuing Country Passport No.
P USA PZL08262010150447
Surname LEWIS
Given name PARKER
Nationality AMERICAN
Date of birth 01 APR 75
Height 180 CM Weight 82 KG
Marital Status SINGLE Children NONE
5USA75040111M180S0«ENTREPRENEUR ««

Table of Contents

RP Hooks

There are so many ways to get involved with Parker Lewis. These are a few specific characters that have come to mind. If interested, just contact me and we'll work something out, I'm very much sure!

  • Ben Reilly: Unnamed former partner in crime that Parker used to work with. Also an amazing con artist. Very likely either Parker's brother or best friend or something along those lines. They know each other like they know themselves, probably even more so. Reasons for the partnership termination are wide open. Could hook back up. Could be a rival. Con vs. Con, anyone? Worse. Could be working with Olivia now! (Possible PB: Neil Patrick Harris)
  • Mom: Oblivious Mother that believes her son is just a traveling businessman and entrepreneur. Would be hilariously interesting to have her get caught up in the nonsense that surrounds Parker's life. She also is prone to call him by his real name. Dun dun DUN!
  • Dad: Dad's not dead. But he is the ultimate in con artistry, even more than Parker and his possible brother. Either way it goes, having him come back into the picture out of nowhere could prove to be quite interesting. Or! It could be jumping the shark.

In addition to more specific needs, there are general options for hooks with the self-proclaimed greatest con artist in the world. Or at least, the most humble…

  • Marks: Future, Present and Former, a con artist always needs to have some people to pull cons on. Whether he has already done it and they want to hunt him down and make him pay or you'd like to fall victim to some con and get embroiled into something you have no business being involved in, look to Parker to be able to assist in with either of those chosen paths.
  • Women: Parker targets women for obvious reasons. He also happens to be something of a womanizing ladies man with epic charisma and impressive charm. There's good chance that something can be worked out in regards to being linked to Parker in some way, shape or form. He has a thousand identities, so it could even be through one of those.
  • Employers: While he's always a con artist for himself first, it is a well known fact that he hires himself out for freelance work. Anybody that wants to hire Parker for a gig is welcome to contacting him through the number to the prepaid cell phone located on his business cards.
  • Enemies: Whether it be some authority figures or some more dangerous criminals or even some previous marks, Parker has enemies that are always out to get him. Feel free to bring any of these particular venues to the light in a much more PC manner.
  • Innocents: One of the more interesting things about being a con artist that's somehow mixed up in a world of spies is the world that all of them exists in. While epic spies and snarky con artists are different pieces to a larger puzzle, the fact remains that innocent bystanders are always going to make up the bulk of the world. People who are "normal" but end up involved, no matter how small, are always interesting to have around.
  • Team: Even though Parker is the best at what he does, even he can't do everything on his own. Which is why he will always enlist in his team to assist him when he needs it. He picks the cons. He gets the bulk of the take. But there is something about working with the same people over and over that builds some kind of trust among thieves.


Main Theme I Made It Kevin Rudolf (featuring Jay Sean, Birdman and Lil Wayne)
Main Theme 2 Everybody Loves Me OneRepublic
The Hat Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson
The Artist Remember The Name Fort Minor
HAWT This Is Why I'm Hot MIMS
Style Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top
Style 2 Show Out Roscoe Dash
Bad Boy If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy) Backstreet Boys
I Am I Don't Want To Be Gavin DeGraw