2010-09-14: Mating Of The Band




September 14, 2010


Abraham's Pub, Lincoln Park, Colorado


Battle of the Bands. With Less Music.

It's 10:30 in the evening and the party is only just getting started in Abraham's Pub, Lincoln Park, Colorado. The age of the patrons is pretty mixed. There are plenty of younger adults as well as middle aged people. It's the people who can't be bothered to take the travel time Colorado Springs or Denver who end up here. Besides, if you go to either or those towns, you have to worry about designated drivers. Man, are those people buzz kills. So here they sit. Some of the younger ones (and the occasional older one) are up on the dance floor, boogying up the night.

At the bar sits a member of the Moosekateers, one of the bands on the entertainment roster for the night. KeLyssa Laval, or Rain Allison as she's know here, is sipping on a sangria, just waiting for her group's time to perform. A lazy eye gazes the crowd of people, watching with a mild interest.

"Great Frog Rules! Yeah! Haha!"

That would be the voice of Roy Harper as he comes bumping through the crowd and away from the rest of his bandmates. Obviously, he's headed in the direction of the bar, clad in his 'Great Frog' t-shirt and sporting those drumsticks in the back pocket of his jeans.

He spins as gets to the bar and leans onto it, smiling with familiarity at the bartender is is already filling up the two pre-set pitchers of beer that Great Frog orders every time they play here. Which, if the pictures on the wall are any indication, a somewhat regular basis.

If he notices the Sangria sipper, there is no acknowledgment. Just idle bopping of his head to whatever lame band is playing at the moment.

Sangria. Is there any other alcoholic drink as yummy tasting? Rain thinks not! It is pretty darn awesome. You've got the wine, the juice, the…whatever else you put in it! Mmmm. Though, however yummy it might be, Rain's attention is most certainly caught by the guy in the 'Great Frog' shirt, and she smirks. Tugging slightly on her fashionable jean jacket, she gives a sly grin over to the guy, who appears to be the drummer. "Great Frog, eh? There's bound to be an awesome story behind that name." She comments over the music.

To be perfectly honest, Roy was ready to just ignore whomever was saying whatever to him. But then he looked over his shoulder and fell pray to the utterly high end cute factor that comes with someone that's sipping a Sangria. It's very hard being attracted to women so much. It's almost like a weakness.

"There is." Grinning, Roy whirls around and leans back against the bar, resting his elbows there. "But it's a band rule that I can't relay the story to anyone that's not a Great Frog Groupie." Is he kidding? It sure sounds like it.

Flashing Roy one of her many winning smiles, the young lady bats her eyelashes. "Awww, shoot. You probably think I'm no groupie either. I mean, if I were…I'd probably know the story by now, right?" Rain heaves a heavy sigh. "Well, I suppose it did no harm in asking, but now my curiosity is running wild! I just have to know!" She says, slipping off her stool as she takes her drink. Closing the gap between them, the blonde cocks her head to one side. "Are you sure you can't tell me? I won't tell no one." She says as sweetly as she can, over the music.

"You just might be a lucky girl, tonight. Because, as it happens, I'm hosting the Great Frog Groupie initiations tonight. Right upstairs." That's right. Roy Harper has a spot above the pub. Figures. No wonder his band's pictures are all over this damn place. "We don't go on for about an hour or so." As if his band is the only one anybody came to see. "We could take this upstairs and see just how curious you really are…" Wink.

"Well now? Is that the case?" Rain says with a light, lilting laugh. "Well, I might just have to join you for that. But, I've got to play my own set first, you see." Ah, here's the rub. "As soon as this band ends…which is pretty soon, I think, my band goes up. We're the Moosekateers. Guess where we're from." She gives Roy a little wink. Taking a long sip from her sangria, Rain looks the man over. "I look forward to hearing the story, though. I bet it's fun to hear."

Roy actually has the nerve to pout. Because, well, that's what he does to remain looking as cute as he does. What with his stylishly wild hair and all of that good stuff. "Why is it that all the hot chicks I meet are from Canada?" The question is so rhetorical that he's looking up at the ceiling while asking it. "You guys any good? Or will we have to cover Blame Canada after we get up there just to get the crowd back into American music?"

Chuckling, Rain rests her hand on his arm. "Why? Well, because we Canadian girls just know how make our looks work for us." She laughs at that. "I dunno though, I've seen plenty of mighty fine, intelligent designs 'round the States. Lots of good looking girls for you to choose from. Just so happens that tonight…lil ol' me, a Canadian girl, caught your attention." She says with a bit of a shrug. "I hope we're good. I don't know how will stand up to a group called 'The Great Frogs', but we'll try." She smirks. "Or will we have to sing a cover of 'Canada On Strike'?"

"First of all, it's Great Frog. One frong. Not plural." Even though ROy's dropping some knowledge when it comes to the correct pronunciation of his band's name. That's a very important thing. Especially when the offender is from Canada. "Secondly, there's no way you can rock this house harder than we can. Care to put a little wager on the table?"

Rain looks the man over before nodding. "Well, I'm not usually the gambling type. I'm feeling adventurous tonight, though. So…I'll take that bet." There's a pause as she takes another long sip of her drink, bringing it to be 3/4 empty. "What are we wagering? What do I get if I win, and what do you get if I lose?" Very important details, those.

Roy actually shrugs, since he wasn't expecting the female to go for this. Not at this particular moment in time. "Hm. Let's keep things simple. If you win, I'll tell you how fuckin' awesome the Great Frog story is. In detail. With the sex beforehand as optional. Which, by the way, is a spectacular prize, I might add." There's a sly grin that creeps onto his features. "But! When I am victorious, you spend the next two weeks as my personal Great Frog Groupie. Doing… only God knows what I'm thinking about right now." Waggling of the eyebrows.

Rain takes a sharp, deep breath in and lets it out slowly. "You see…I don't know if I can do that. Not the Great Frog groupie thing. You see, I'm with my own band. And we're on tour for the next few months. I can't just leave them. I'm the bass player and lead singer. Besides, it's my only source of money. Just imagine all the money I'd lose." Her eyes go wide and seem to brighten, even in the low-lit pub.

"So what you're /really/ saying is that you're afraid that you and your Mousekateers can't handle the big time. I gotcha'." Roy offers a shrug, even lifting his hands to show that there's no hard feelings. "It's all good. No worries. When the rest of your band catches us on Behind The Music, I'll be sure to tell the story of how you had the once in a lifetime opportunity to shut up the Great Frog's power drummer, Roy Harper and you let it slip through your little bass-playing fingers." He winks and turns back to grab his pitchers of beer. Reverse Psychology Deployed.

"First, it's Moosekateers." Rain states. Did you see what she just did there? Did ya? Yep. She did the same thing that he just did. "I uh…I hate to say this to ya hunny, but if you're playing here of all places, the same place we are, you can't be that big. And you certainly haven't hit the big time." Was that just an insult? She smile softly. "Look hun. You're cute. You got looks goin' for ya. Don't like that brain of yours ruin a good thing. I'm sure we can come up with something else, hmmm?"

"Yeah, I am pretty cute, aren't I?" There's a shrug. Again. Roy happens to do that quite a bit. It helps to show that he's chronically indifferent or something along those lines. "But, fine. If you wanted to pick the terms so bad, you could've just said so." Smiling, Roy tilts his head in the enemy band leader's direction. "I can assure you, babygirl, I'm a whole lot bigger than you think." Wonder if he's still talking about the band.

Rain shakes her head, smirking. Finishing off her drink, she smiles sweetly at Roy. "Well, time for my band to get set up. I'll see you on the flip side, cute drummer boy." She grins widely, heading off to find the rest of her band members to get set up. After all, you can't have a band playing without having the band members, right? Otherwise it's just a solo act.