Roleplay Logs


Operation: As You Wish

Mission Log: 02/27/10
Featuring: Ezra and Vasha

Operation: Never Tell Me The Odds

Mission Log: 11/09
Featuring: Olivia and Parker


Operation: Fight or Flight

Mission Log: 08/15/10
Featuring: Porter and Vasha

Operation: Checking Out

Mission Log: 08/16/10
Featuring: Porter, Vasha, and Victory

Operation: The Bullet

Mission Log: 08/16/10
Featuring: Porter and Vasha

Operation: Victorious Mark

Mission Log: 08/29/10
Featuring: Baker, Danika, and Victory

Operation: Taking Victory

Mission Log: 08/30/10
Featuring: Baker, Danika, Friday, and Jeremy

Operation: Diamonds Mine

Mission Log: 08/31/10
Featuring: Ezra, Lefu, and Yemmi

Operation: A Sheep in Were Clothing

Mission Log: 09/04/10
Featuring: Danika and Gyorgy

Operation: The Letter

Mission Log: 09/05/10
Featuring: Ezra

Operation: New Target

Mission Log: 09/06/10
Featuring: Gyorgy and Victory

Operation: Taken

Mission Log: 09/07/10
Featuring: Alexis and Victory

Operation: A Game of Seduction

Mission Log: 09/10/10
Featuring: Alexis and Gyorgy

Operation: Special Delivery

Mission Log: 09/11/10
Featuring: Ezra and Friday

Operation: Course Correction

Mission Log: 09/14/10
Featuring: Danika, Friday, and Victory

Operation: Mating of the Band

Mission Log: 09/14/10
Featuring: Rain Allison, Roy Harper

Operation: The Deal is Made

Mission Log: 09/15/10
Featuring: Parker and Vasha

Operation: Jailbonds for Work

Mission Log: 09/17/10
Featuring Rurik and Danika

Operation: Bathroom Break

Mission Log: 09/20/10
Featuring: Parker and The Man That Works For THE Man.

Operation: The Spy who Came In from the Cold

Mission Log: 09/25/10
Featuring Danika and Rurik

Operation: Arrival

Mission Log: 10/09/10
Featuring Danika, Kelyssa, and Thomas

Operation: Small Gains

Mission Log: 10/11/10
Featuring Giulia and Thomas


Operation: Reasonable Doubt

Mission Log: 08/23/10
Featuring: Cross and Vasha

Operation: Get Out of Jail Free

Mission Log: 08/29/10
Featuring: Olivia and Parker

Operation: In-Fighting

Mission Log: 08/30/10
Featuring: Aedan and Ryan

Operation: Hypothetical Tip

Mission Log: 09/04/10
Featuring: Cross and Olivia

Operation: Spot Inspection

Mission Log: 09/04/10
Featuring: Parker and Vasha

Operation: The Reach of Allah

Mission Log: 09/05/10
Featuring: Is'haaq, Olivia, and Rivka

Operation: The Enemy of My Enemy

Mission Log: 09/08/10
Featuring: Rivka and Vasha

Operation: Hostage Crisis

Mission Log: 09/14/10
Featuring: Hubert, Olivia, Rivka, Vasha also Supermax Detainees: Raul, Trejan, and Whit