Harassment. It's a word we're all familiar with, but most people don't really understand what it means.

To harass someone is to make them feel uncomfortable in some capacity. It may be sexual, verbal, or just persistent comments of an unwanted nature.

I think it goes without saying that no one wants to be a harasser, don't consistently be at someone's throat about something— whether it's a scene or otherwise.

Now, while none of us want to be harassers, we all need to know that as victims of harassment we also have a duty: we need to ask people that make us uncomfortable to cease and desist. On MU*s people like to have fun, sometimes the ribbing is all good-spirited, but sometimes it can go too far. When it goes too far it's your personal duty to say so! Harassment varies greatly between people! The biggest thing here is if you feel harassed you need to tell the harasser so the situation can be rectified.

If the harassment continues after being asked to cease and desist, the staff will deal with it…