Country Template

The Idea

I want this to look like a travel dossier or travel document… a file folder border with a few different little surprises.

In the sidebar:

  • Flag
  • Capital City
  • Official Language
  • Government
  • Currency
  • Population


In the first tab:

  • Picture
  • Description

Second tab:

  • History

Third tab:

  • Political climate
  • Friend and Foe list

K's Thoughts

  • I really like what's here. With the history are we going to include on-game history or is this a separate thing?
  • I like pictures and descriptions so they can visualize what the actual area looks like.
  • Also I like the idea of keeping updated friend/foe lists.
  • Maybe we should add loyalists too— so like… if there's spies from that country it's listed in loyalists or something?