Costa Rica
Capital City
San José
Constitutional Democracy
Official Language
Recognized Languages
Mekatelyu, Bribri
Costa Rican Colón (CRC)

Located in Central America, The Republic of Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua, Panama, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. With 1,290 kilometers of coast, Costa Rica has a richly beautiful coast. Surrounded by tropical plants and animals, Costa Rica has lots to offer tourists.

The temperature is relatively regulated, but does have a true winter, even if it is mild. The winter tends to be accompanied with cooler temperatures and increased rain, but humidity tends to make the climate feel substantially warmer than the actual temperature at any given time. The summer or dry season extends from December to April while the wet season from May to November. During the wet season, Costa Rica is prone to hurricanes, particularly in early June through November.

Costa Rica has several active volcanoes, large lakes, and hidden creek areas, most of which are safe to swim (beware leeches and other wild life). Large spiders and other tropical insects are present in Costa Rica, representing a different form of danger to tourists and residents alike.

Costa Rica isn't without its ills. Several areas contain illegal squatters which operate as slums. These areas tend to be occupied by gang activity and increased crime. Additionally these squatters are frequently illegal aliens coming across the border from Nicaragua.