A private military company (PMC) provides staff and services of a military nature. The hiring of professional soldiers is a common practice in the history of armed conflict. Historically, these soldiers are commonly known as mercenaries. However, modern-day PMCs prefer to call their active staff security contractors or private military contractors, and prefer to be known themselves as private military corporations, private security providers or military service providers.

The services and expertise cover those typically found in governmental military or police forces, but most often on a smaller scale. While PMCs often provide services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of governments, they can also be employed by private companies to provide bodyguards for key staff or protection of company premises, especially in hostile territories.

Mercenaries. You know it, I know it, and they know it. Sure, private military contractors do their share of bodyguard work. Babysitting VIPs, escorting armored cars, stuff like that. For enough money, though, these guys will rain hot lead down on anyone you want. Good folks to drink with, but a little itchy in the trigger finger for my taste in business partners.

If you're looking to get in, try RCR. Rapid Crisis Response has more branch offices in more countries than you can shake your stick at. They do it all, from low-tech bullet wars to high-priced VIP transport services.

—I, Spy