Character Template

Okay! Here we go….


The page can be modified by the user however they want… all except for the information box (the passport type thing at the beginning). As you can see, I added tabs to Porter's… so those are all changeable.

Questions, comments, suggestions?

I hope this one is easier to use :)

K's Thoughts

  • I LOVE IT. It's clean, easy to use and easy to fill in.
  • I like that it keeps the pages neat and uniform with the option of customization if you are indeed a wiki guru!
  • I like the idea of being able to add extra appendices, etc. and feel like the tabs keep it neat and easy to read/use
  • The all caps is a nice addition— my passport is all caps, cool idea, cool concept.
  • The animation is some kind of sharp!!!
  • I like the size and scope of the passport and enjoy the concept of it. My husband could tell what it was supposed to be from a distance so this is a good thing!
  • <3 all around!