Welcome to I, Spy MUSH

A spy, like a writer, lives outside the mainstream population. He steals his experience through bribes and reconstructs it.

John Le Carre

These events take place in our world. Our time. We take this world and turn it on its ear. We expose an underbelly thick with espionage, private wars, and technology races. Assassination plots, corporate sabotage, and kidnappings are commonplace.

We show you the things you aren't meant to see. We show you what skilled, determined men and women can accomplish. We show you the measures they must resort to, the trials they must experience, and the stories they tell.

Our storytellers are the spies, mercenaries, and security consultants who manipulate this world within our world. They fight and die for a cause, for a paycheck, even for a thrill. Whatever their motivation, whoever their employer, for good or ill, we greet them with open arms. Here, we are brothers and sisters all.

Welcome to the family.

—I, Spy

Test Us Out

  • With our Supermax tinyplot you can test our our game without any commitment needed — try us out without having to make a character, just an NPC for a maximum security prison.